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About Us

Harmony House is our multipurpose day shelter and the hub of our operations. We refer to it as a one-stop-shop for social services, as it houses staff for such agencies Information & Referral, Prestera Center and Valley Health Systems. Services include case management, primary health, vision & dental care, mental health & substance abuse therapy, housing assistance, representative payee, outreach, job training & readiness, transportation, etc. Some of the more basic services offered are showers, laundry, mail & telephone service, hygiene & clothing donations, coffee & snacks and a place to rest and escape the outside elements.

  • Vanity Fair Apartments is a 53-unit, Single Room Occupancy permanent housing complex located next door to Harmony House. Vanity Fair houses single adults experiencing homelessness and has won several awards since opening in 1991.
  • Seaton Taylor Apartments has 12 permanent housing units for single adults who are experiencing homelessness and mental or developmental disability.
  • Heistad House Apartments consists of six, 1-BR units for chronically-homeless adults. This subpopulation makes up about 15 percent of the homeless, yet they use more than 50 percent of the resources (jails, ER visits, law enforcement costs, detox centers, etc.). Heistad House—named for Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless founder and board member Betty Heistad Barrett's family—targets the chronicly homeless under the Housing First initiative, which aims to house those deemed as the hard-to-reach homeless. We provide the basic housing necessity while also surrounding them with supportive services. On both a local and national scale, we have seen time and again that Housing First is an extremely successful philosophy. Ask us more about this innovative program and how it ends homelessness and saves public dollars.
  • Nelson Apartments, which opened in early 2015 in Huntington's West End, consists of six, 1-BR units for single adults experiencing homelessness. This project is named in honor of former Huntington Mayor Bobby Nelson, who started the task force from which Harmony House grew.

Last updated: 2021-04-07